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Judge a Phone Case within 4 Steps


How To Judge a Phone Case's Quality

  Since cellphone accessories market is full of competition and copycats, there would be so many traps that everyone would likely to fall into, so I'll list some steps to judge whether a phone case is of high quality or not.

  The number one rule is to judge from appearance. Those high quality cases look great, meanwhile, feel soft and smooth with no burr and mottle, so if you find a case matching no these features, it must be an unqualified one. And if there are many holes and burr on the case, you'd better keep away from it, as it maybe produced with bad quality material, which is harmful to human health.

  The number two step is to smell. This way is the best choice for distinguishing silicone and leather cases,  silicone, being synthetic rubber, has some unique smell which is not a bad one, but when a silicone case smells awful and really bad, there must be harmful chemical or recycled silicone, and that would be the worst choice. PU leather material, which is dealt by much chemical, will smell stink, but when being technically dealt, will not smell bad anymore.

  The third is to erase the case with wet cloth. Many low quality phone cases will fade when being put into water, so we could use wet cloth to check whether it is good product or not, picking the darker color part and erase repeatedly, and if there're no fading, the case is qualified. This step could test whether the case is durable and timeproof as a good case should be able to be used for a long time.

  The last step is to feel the case with your hand. Those high quality material case will weigh a little bit, and those plastic ones should have right color and exquisite grooves, on the contrary, those unbearably light weight, dim and rough cases will absolutely be in low quality.

  By judging from these 4 steps, you will finally find a proper case, and protect your phones well.

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