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Newly Developed TPU Quicksand Case for iPhone 6s


TPU Quicksand Case for iPhone 6s

Victor Electronic has wonderful quicksand case for iPhone 6s for sale, as a dedicated phone accessories supplier and wholesaler for over a decade, Victor is now matures and rich experienced.

Materials of the Quicksand Case

The case for iPhone 6s is made of soft TPU material so as to provide considerate protection, and plus, it could be made into other models for phones like Huawei, Blackberry and Samsung.

What makes the quicksand case beautiful and attractive are those glittering pieces together with the LED light, those pieces flow like sand and when shined by the light, it gives a view of bling-bling, and it could be even more charming when it's dark or at night.

Colors of Such Case for 6s

The back cover of this quicksand case for iPhone 6s is electroplated with two colors, thus making it more pretty and beautiful as well as shinny.

Images on the back of case could be customized, so that wholesalers and distributors could design the most popular series over their own markets.

Victor Supplies More Than Just 6s Cases

As a experienced manufacturer, Victor is rich in its product gallery, so there are many different series of cases and other accessories, and plus, all these products of Victor's are for wholesale only!