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A New Trend of Smartphones Market


Smartphones Fingerprint Recognition in the Front Side

  VR has been very popular recently, and it seemed to have shadowed the market or smartphones which has been a hot topic all the time, but actually, VR is just at its beginning, so that smartphones still has the major share of market.

  However, smartphone market seems to have reached its saturation point, so that the competition between manufacturers would become more severe. In order to gain a firm foothold in this market, manufacturers need to keep up with the trend and to know what are customers really interested in.

  The topic we are going to talk about is the fingerprint recognition of smartphones, which is no longer strange to users, not only those flagship devices, but also some $100 smartphones are installed with this technology.

  Fingerprint methods vary and are now mainly divided into two modes, one is by pressing the front side, and the other is pressing on the back, while the sliding mode was eliminated.

  Frontal fingerprint recognition and home button are usually designed together, though there’re technics to place the recognition pattern inside the screen, no manufacturer would like to do such an immature trial. Frontal recognition combines home button which make is very convenient to unlock your device, like Meizu’s mTouch function combining BACK, MENU, FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION and some other functions together thus performing even better than iPhone’s.

  What I’m saying is not that frontal recognition is better than back designs, frontal recognition has its own weak points like the HOME button would easily get dirty, so there would be less likely to unlock within a single press, while back recognition has nothing to worry about.

  Though these two designs have their own features, frontal recognition is now winning more manufacturers. According to a survey conducted by a third-party company, frontal recognition patterns of smartphones are used more frequently than those on the back because people tend to use the seeable button, and maybe that’s the reason manufacturers making their choices.