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The Belt and Road, One Belt One Road


Chinese New Slogan - The Belt and Road

  Michael Ma brought up his idea of electronic worldwide trade platform (called eWTP) in Boao Forum which was held in March, 2016, and that idea was supported by UN, WTO and many other countries along the belt and road.

  The belt and road, better to be known as “one belt one road”, originated from Ma’s eWTP, is now becoming a reality gradually.

  According to Alibaba’s massive data, we found many countries that have close relationship with China, highly welcome products from China and import massively from China along the belt and road.

  Top 10 countries that have the closest relationship with China are Russia, Israel, Thailand, Ukraine, Czech, Moldova, Turkey, Belarus and Singapore.

  Top 5 products that are the most welcomed are Mobile Phone Accessories, Fashion Jewelries, Women’s Wear, Clothing & Accessories and Nail Supplies.

  Victor Electronic is a manufacturer established since 2004, and has been focusing on the development of mobile phone accessories (mainly phone cases). Victor is now dealing with wholesalers and distributors from all over the world, and is providing considerate services accordingly.

  The belt and road provides Victor with more chances to supply its products to those countries along “one belt one road”, and there would also be more possibility for Victor to brand its business.

  Other information we can get from Alibaba’s massive data is that in these top fields, Russians have great interest in buying smart phones, clothing and consumer electronic products from China; Bhutanese like clothing and accessories while people from Moldova like to buy smart phones from Chinese online market.