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ABS and PP Material Phone Covers


An Introduction to ABS and PP Phone Covers

  ABS material phone covers are known as plenty supply and durable as well as fireproof, so that ABS is considered to be a good material for manufacturing phone cases; but actually, this kind of material is of bad ductility, thus is easy to be broken.

  Generally, ABS materials are in plenty supply and are applied widely into different industries, and ABS phone covers go even better than PC ones do, while just as the saying goes that every coin has two sides, these cases are hard and would easily be worn out, so that they gain bad user experiences.

  ABS material could also be classified into different both good and bad quality levels, so that price would varies and buyers would run into traps set by some resellers.

  ABS phone covers are really worth taking considering their quality and price, because it is safe and durable, though hard and fragile at the same time.

  PP material, daily used as instant-noodle folks, is heat resistance and non-poisonous, so that it’s safe to users, and meanwhile, PP material phone covers are cheap and requires no high technis during manufacturing processes. In addition, PP cases could be really beautiful and nice due to its material features.

  As a cheap material, PP could easily be broken and deformed; meanwhile, PP phone covers cannot match smartphones perfectly. Actually, PP material is in an awkward situation, though cheap and looks smooth&pretty, it could be easily out of shape as time goes by. When being accidentally dropped, the PP cover would be totally deformed while your phone looks undamaged, but actually some tiny parts inside your device might have been broken, under such kind of cases, PP case is totally useless.

  So my suggestion is not to take a PP phone cover, though looks good, but there would be a “surprise” for you when being dropped.

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