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IMD, Water Transfer Printing and Painting Smartphone Cases


Features of IMD, Water Transfer Printing and Painting Smartphone Cases

  Recently, IMD craftwork has been very popular for smartphone cases, but many customers still feel confused about water transfer printing, painting and IMD craftworks, so that we will talk about their own features and differences.

Features of IMD Smartphone Cases

  IMD is called in-mold decoration which means that phone cases are manufactured with artwork designs inside, so that artworks will not fade or be scratched. And meanwhile, after tearing off films on those cases, they could be more nice-looking and user-friendly.

Water Transfer Printing Smartphone Cases

  Water transfer printing is to transfer artworks from water stickers to smartphone cases, which is to put stickers into water, and when films separate from stickers after 1 minute, attach films to cases, then spray oil after drying process. Artworks could be either glossy or matt, but are mainly decided by oil and spraying technics.

  Water transfer printing smartphone cases would take long time to produce, and artwork patterns positions would be slightly different as they are all hand-made. Meanwhile, the diversity of oil and spraying technique result in different quality and price of phone cases.

  It is the film and complete printing that differs water transfer printing and painting.

Painted Smartphone Cases

  Painting is the easiest craftwork for manufacturing phone cases, all smartphone cases are printed with artworks by large color printers. Painting has no limit on artwork designs, so that it is flexible whether the case has a flat or rough cover, but not to a curved surface.

  Painted smartphone cases are easy and convenient to be manufactured, and their prices are low, but artworks on these cases would be not as clear as those of IMD cases and are easy to worn.

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