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Hard or Soft Smartphone Case? Which Side Do You Choose?


A Comparison Between Hard and Soft Smartphone Cases

Plastic material smartphone cases could roughly be divided into hard and soft types, there are two representatives for these two kinds of cases, one it PC which is hard but slim, and the other is Silicone which is quite soft as protection but thick.

The first kind of smartphone case to introduce is the hard PC one which is slim even after being put on. PC cases are made by injection molding process, this kind of hard material could be made ultra thin and slim, and then the case could be printed or painted with different designs like cartoon characters, landscapes and figures, etc. Technics for printing has evolved from silk-screen to transfer printing, but all these technics would have the same problem that the image is easy to be worn, so that IMD/IML technics are popular nowadays.

IMD/IML technics are to protect the designed patterns and to extend the lifespan of the case, what's more, by using these technics, producing process could be very convenient, and in addition, not only can cartoon or landscape be processed, but also imitation metal feelings could be reached.

The second material for producing smartphone cases is silicone which is soft and has no smell or color,  silicone has good flexibility, durability, heat resistance and is environmentally friendly.

Silicone cases protects smartphones well by preventing scratch on screen and body, and could be processed with different designs to show off your taste of fashion. Silicone material is drop proof and when you drop your phone accidentally, the soft case will help with well protection.

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