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How To Clean A Dirty Earphone Cable?


Use Proper Cleansers To Clean Earphone Cables

  People tend to think about water when asked how to clean an earphone cable as it is non-corrosive to the material, but would water work well when the cable is really dirty?

  Pure water definitely works when the cable is just a little bit dirty, but when it gets dirty for a long time, pure water would no longer be efficient, so we'd better turn to some high quality cleanser like tooth paste. Clean a earphone cable with tooth paste, you only need to get some tooth paste and mix it with some water, then use cotton or some other soft clothes dipped with the cleanser to wipe the cable gently again and again, after the cable being refreshed, clean it with dry materials. Cleaning by this way, the cable would be efficiently renewed with minimum harm.

  Besides tooth paste, soap water could be a good choice too, you can cut off a little piece of soap and put it in warm water, then clean the earphone cable with soft clothes. Of course, you can dry the cable after cleaning with some high tech methods as long as its available.

  People may have learned that alcohol or white vinegar could be used as cleanser, and yet they could be effective for cleaning, however, these solutions with accelerate the aging process of the cable, and meanwhile, white vinegar smells really sour, so all of them are not suggested in my blog.

Clean Earphone Cables Properly

  After picking up proper cleanser, the second step is to clean the earphone cable with you hands, and  there's one rule to remember - not to wipe the cable too hard because the material is soft and easy to pull off, and when the skin is overwhelmed, it would not be able to protect the metal wire inside, so there's no need to clean the cable with strong effort.

Avoid Cleaning Earphones Cable Frequently

  Some people may have noticed that when you buy a earphone, the seller would not suggest how to clean it, because cleaning earphone cable, though with clear water, will do harm to the cable itself, so that you should remember that not to clean your earphone cable when it is just a little bit dirty, and you need to know that most earphones a produced without taking cleaning into considerations.

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