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How To Extend A Smartphone Battery Lifespan?


Tips on Extending Smartphone Battery Lifespans

  With the development of technology, smartphones are more and more widely used in people’s daily life, and quality of smartphones vary since there are severe competition between manufacturers, and the most headache point is the charging of smartphone batteries, people usually come across problems like battery is not durable and can not be charged, so we should know some tips to extend lifespans our our smartphone batteries.

  The first rule to keep in mind is that to charge with the corresponding charger. Even if you just bought a smartphone with no accessories, a corresponding charger is a must, that is because of the right charger helps to ensure the safety of charging process, and in addition, is a good way to protect batteries.

  The second tip is to charge before smartphone battery get exhausted. Many people tend to use up all power of smartphones before charging as they think it’s better, but on the contrary, this is the worst way of charging. The better way of charging is to charge when the battery has about 20% power left, and we need to pull out the USB cable when it’s 99% charged, that’s the best way to care you battery.

  Another tip to know is not to place batteries in extremely high or low temperature conditions, which would do severe damage to batteries. The surrounding temperature should be stable while charging so as to extend lifespans of batteries, otherwise, you need to change batteries often as they would easily get short circuit.

  Generally, electricity below 36V would do no harm to human body, and electric leakage would never easy to happen when using an average quality charge, but a bad quality charger, due to bad quality material and wet surroundings, would be a great potential danger to users.