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Phone Case or Not? Introduction to Some Cases of Different Materials


Phone Cases to Use or Not? This Is a Question

Some people do not like to case their device as they want their phones to be totally free, but actually, some of those who said no still use phone cases to protect their phones.

And to a lot of people who fall and drop their phones daily, phone cases of strong protection could not be a better choice, so to these people, how to find an appropriate case is very important.

Simple Introduction to Different Material Phone Cases

People tend to buy some plastic like cases for their phones as these cases are cheap and convenient to use, but there're several kinds of different materials for manufacturing phone cases.

The first kind of material is TPU which is strongly protective and drop-proof as they are soft, and users would feel comfortable holding it in hand. TPU as mobile phone cases fully protects phones, but yet due to its soft feature, dirt and dust could easily get affected to the case.

The second one is PC material or is called poly-carbonate, the transmittance and hardness of which is quite considerable, and even if it's slim, it protects well. However, such kind of material is not firm and is easy to break. What needed to emphasize is that matte PC phone cases are the best liked as they looks more high-end and prevents hand-slippery.

The third material is silicone, which protects the best as it's soft and thick, and because it feels comfortable, many people fall in love with it. In fact, so called silicone cases can not purely made of silicone material, usually combined to other materials. The weakness of silicone case is they are too soft, so it could easy be dirty and is hard to clean, and by the time aging, it will become darker and darker, and will add no beauty to your phone. When you pick some silicone cases, just smell it, and those degraded ones will smell bad. In addition, silicone case could hardly radiate heat, which is not so good to smartphones.

The fourth is PP material, being stable and cheap, it has been used in screen protector, and gradually, phone cases are made of this kind of material. PP material is heatproof and needs no much tech in manufacturing processes. PP cases are easily to perish with age, and yet it could not protect phone in 360 degree.

The last series is ABS supplied in large quantities, and this kind of material is heat resistance and durable, which is good as cell phone, but ABS material performs not well in ductility, so when your phone drop with ABS case, it offers no as much protection. Though not as protective as silicone, ABS cases are very attractive, fashion and nice looking.

Strong Points of Plastic Material Phone Cases


1: Light, plastic phone cases are usually light and slim, but are protective;

2: Easy to be processed, due to cheap prices and their material features, plastic phone cases are more easily to be processed;

3: Heat radiation, it's very important both for case and for phone, as heat shortens lifespans of both case and device;

4: Not disturbing signal, plastic case would not disturb signal compared to those made of metal material, etc.