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Features of TPU Material Cell Phone Cases


TPU Material Cell Phone Cases for Wholesale 

With the development of mobile phone accessories, various kinds of materials like TPU, PC and PP are being applied into manufacturing cell phone cases and some other accessories.

Reasons of For and Against TPU Cell Phone Cases

TPU material is of great strength and wearresistance, and is coldproof, which means TPU cases will be stable and durable. And yet, TPU resists water, oil and mildew, which is perfect as material for manufacturing phone case.

Besides all these advantages of TPU material, it could easily become old and get dark, so some people would have no much interest in it.

Material Features of TPU Phone Case

TPU cases offer nice protection than those hard material cases as it's soft, but it is not as soft as silicone ones, and if being processed with different technics, TPU could be of different hardness, and when it becomes harder, it still holds great elasticity and durability. And once being manufactured, TPU cell phone cases could hardly transform, extending their lifespans.

In order to meet demands from different markets, TPU cases are usually combined with parts in other materials like PC and PP, thus to offer users more choices.

Victor TPU Cell Phone Cases Are for Wholesale Only

As a 13 years mobile phone accessories manufacturer and wholesaler, we are dealing with wholesalers and distributors as well as resellers all over the world, since we are factory originated, we are offering cases and other accessories at factory prices, and our stuffs are for wholesale only.