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Processes Manufacturing A Silicone Phone Case


Silicone Phone Case Has Been Popular From the Beginning

When the first generation of smartphones launched in China, cases of different materials appears in market, and among them, silicone phone case has always been popular mainly due to its nice protection.

Silicone material is soft and performs well in resist drop and scratch, and thus goes quite well in different markets, so that people may have interest in how is a silicone phone case made.

How to Make a Silicone Phone Case

Though look simple, making a silicone case is not as easy as how it is made in your mind, and here are steps:

1, The first step is to choose and purchase high quality raw materials have Rohs and SGS certifications which are non-toxic and not harmful to human. And actually, silicone raw materials are milky, which is quite different from colorful silicone materials in many people's mind.

2, After picking up good quality material, the following process is to make material colorful using certain color masterbatch, and the percentage is about 1:100. With the development to tech, there are metal colors available like silver, gold and copper.

3, The third step is to heat the material to make it liquid and to ensure color uniformity as well as to add some necessary auxiliary materials , thus making sure the following steps go well.

4, When silicone material becomes liquid, the next step is to inject or dispense liquid silicone into corresponding molds, and then heat those molds again. After vulcanization molding and cooling down, we will got semi-finished silicone phone cases.

5, When the first few steps finish, those semi-finished cases need to be cleaned, and those useless parts should be removed.

6, The last step is to spray some oil on the silicone phone case, since silicone material is sticky and easy to be dusty.

After all these steps are over, here comes the packaging, and then case manufacturing processes are over, and could be go for sale on markets.

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