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Some New Leather Cases for iPhone from Victor


Diverse Kinds of Leather Cases for iPhone and Others

Leather cases, though not as diverse as those TPU, PC and silicone ones, have several different types including slim series, wallet types and some combination ones for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei, etc.

Introduction to Different Leather Cases for iPhone

Firstly, the very first type of leather case in people's mind are those wallet design ones, protecting phones from 360 degree, and additionally, these leather cases are usually combined with card holders and change purse, which makes it easy for users to take their phones and some other accessories in daily life. Of course, real leather phone case could be much expensive, so normal leather cases for iPhone or Samsung are made of PU materials.

Secondly, when some people feel bored with the traditional type of leather phone case, they developed a new type of slim leather case which is made of PU leather purely, such kind of case removed those settings like card holders and change purse, and kept the back cover only, due to the great hand touch feeling it offers, the slim leather case is popular among most markets.

Lastly, with the development of tech and people's interest, there are diverse kinds of combined material cases like combining PU material with silicone, TPU and PC, these designs help to rich phone case diversity, and meanwhile, offer strong protection.

Customizable Leather Cases for iPhone and Samsung

Actually, people in different region and area have their own taste for phone cases, and in order to develop different markets, Victor accept OEM and ODM services, which means there would no problems like to order leather cases for iPhone or plastic ones. Images and colors could also be customized, and we will provide the best service to you.

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