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Cell Phone Accessories that Are Really Strange


Many Cell Phone Accessories Are Available on Market

  We usually use cell phone accessories like phone cases, glass screen protectors and bluetooth speakers in daily life. Some of these accessories are really useful and helpful, but some are really strange and unpractical.

Strange Cell Phone Accessories

kfc phone case - cell phone accessories - phone cases for wholesale - 1

KFC Phone Case

  You will draw 100% attention when you equip such a KFC phone case. Actually, this case was a promotional product several years ago in Japan. Seeing from where we are, the KFC case is still unique and funny. However, it enables no convenience for users since it’s big and hard to take.


bomb bluetooh speaker - cell phone accessories - bluetooth speakers - 1

Bomb Shape Bluetooth Speaker

  This fits Samsung Galaxy Note 7 best for the reason you and I both know.

pillow speaker - cell phone accessories - phone speakers - 1

Pillow Shape Speaker

  This requires a 3.5mm earphone hole, and should we use it while falling into sleep?

toilet paper holder bluetooth speaker - cell phone accessories - bluetooth speakers - 1

Toilet Paper Holder Bluetooth Speaker

  Maybe many of us have imagined to install a bluetooth speaker in bathroom, but a toilet paper holder shape one isn’t easy to accept.

Rain Wiper for iPhone

  If you’d like a big accessory without actual functions, the iPhone rain wiper would be a perfect choice for you. This one has no any function including cleaning the screen.

phone alcohol tester - cell phone accessories - alcohol testers - 1

Alcohol Tester

  Drunk driving is illegal then it’s necessary for some to install a alcohol tester to their phones. However, to those who don’t drink, such testers are totally useless.

Glove Phone Holder

  This accessory turns phone into a glove which looks quite amusing and interesting while receiving phone calls. When we make phone calls, some people may feel we are insane.

Touch Screen Joysticker

  Since King Glory is becoming more and more popular, such touch screen joystickers are really good choices.

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