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Thermo Phone Case for iPhone 7 From Victor


Victor Wholesales Thermo Phone Case for iPhone 7

As a manufacturer since 2004, Victor produces and wholesales the thermo phone case for iPhone 7 which could also be made into other models for Samsung, Huawei and HTC, etc.

Thermo Phone Case for iPhone 7 Is Attractive

The highlight of this kind of thermo phone cases for iPhone 7 is that their colors change with temperature, and there're diverse colors available no matter for the surface or the inside, and what's more, the higher the temperature, the brighter the color, which is of great fun.

Main material of such thermo phone case is TPU, which offers strong protection, and those buttons of power and volume are all electroplated so that they could be used for a long time.

Besides all models provided by Victor, you can design whatever you want by giving ideas and whether to print your logo or not, and Victor will also provide considerate after-sale services, just feel free to contact.

For details about the thermo phone case, click here to see more, and if you want to find more, follow the link: http://mocel-case.com/products, hope you could find cases that perfect fit your market.