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Victor Clear TPU Quicksand Phone Case with Feather


Clear TPU Quicksand Phone Case Is An Unique Design

People's attitudes toward phone case designs vary, so that Victor manufactured a whole lot of unique cases like the clear TPU quicksand case with feather as trials to develop different markets.

Details about the Clear TPU Quicksand Phone Case

The clear TPU quicksand phone case is manufactured specially to resist water stain, and due to it's pure TPU feature, the whole case is simple and elegant itself. When being installed with liquid quicksand pattern and decorations, the quicksand case is attractive and charming.

With shiny rhinestones surrounding the quicksand pattern and real feather hangings as decoration, the clear TPU quicksand phone case could be really attractive and unique.

Of course, sand and feather hangings could be changed, yet there are some other customizable parts like logo and rhinestones, we provide considerate OEM services.

Victor Offers Other TPU Cases for Wholesale

As a manufacturer for over a decade, there are more TPU cases than the clear quicksand case for wholesale, if your are interested in other cases, you can visite: www.mocel-case.com/products/ to find what you want.