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Trends on Smartphones Development Both Physically and Functionally


Development on Smartphones Will Meet Great Changes

  Seeing from two concept smartphones released in the end of 2016, Xiaomi Mix worked creatively on hardware, while Honor Magic focused more on Artificial Intelligence which paid more attention to user-interface and future. And there would be more changes in the development of phones.

  For fingerprint recognition, Xiaomi installed non-porous fingerprint recognition to its Mi 5s, but did not raise much attention due to it immaturity and low recognition rate. But with the development of tech, there would be more smartphones being applied with non-porous fingerprint recognition to wipe out recognition button on the front screen so that screens would be much larger. Unlike Mi 5s which took ultrasonic Fingerprint recognition scheme, future devices would prefer optical fingerprint recognition programs so as to fix the low recognition rate.

  The cancellation of earphone interface which originated from iPhone 7 would be likely to be popular among many manufacturers, and this would be a great challenge to our long-term habit.

  Artificial intelligence, besides hardware and appearance of smartphones, is another factor that has great influence on users’ experience, and AlphaGo’s great performance recently makes AI a hottest topic nowadays.

  Honor Magic, which was published at the end of last year, provides users convenience and good user experience, so that new systems for smartphones and new devices would make a great improvement this year. Huawei has launched a slogan called never slow down, and hopefully, we will find more and more functions or support from original Android and iOS.

  People feel it hard to find an innovation point for smartphones market due to homogenization of devices after iPhone 6, but actually, it is normal to meet a choke point in any field, with the development of tech and processes, the accumulation will finally lead to a revolutionary change, and let’s just see to it that what would be the next surprise for smartphone market.

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