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A Breathing Silicone Smartphone Case for iPhone 7


Heat Dissipation Silicone Smartphone Case for iPhone 7

It’s now again back to summer when sun shines brightly, and hot wind also blows all the time, then what to do with your smartphones? Taking off protector? No protection! Case them? Shorten lifespan! So here Victor Electronic came up with an idea to make a series of breathing silicone smartphone case for your devices like iPhone 7, S8 and P10.

The heat dissipation smartphone case is made of silicone material which is soft and protective, so that it offers comfortable hand feelings and protects your iPhone 7 from scratch. With an experience design team, Victor Electronic is supplying this series of beautiful smartphone cases in different colors, of course, for wholesale only.

Generally, a silicone case could not cool off your phone as its thick so as only to be protective. To make a development on silicone smartphone cases, Victors’ design team made great effort to make this series heat dissipation by producing slim cases and adding tiny holes on it, so that the silicone case is now both protective and smartphone-friendly in summer.

With an experience over a decade, Victor is providing silicone smartphone cases of great qualities, so that there would no worries like being worn out easily. However, due to the feature of silicone material, this kind of smartphone cases could easily get dirty, and those holes would also collect dust and sweat easily, so this series of cases require a cleaning sometimes.

For most smartphone cases produced by Victor, whether it’s for Samsung, iPhone or Hauwei, customize services are available, so that wholesalers and distributors could order their most wanted designs and styles. And for the silicone cases, OEM services are easily being processed like printing your logo and use required packages.

For the silicone smartphone case which is introduced above, follow the link: http://mocel-case.com/heat-dissipation-silicone-case-for-iphone-7, and feel free to contact if you are in nedd of any help.