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Wearable Devices and Television Display Technology for Smartphones


Wearable Devices Concerning Smartphones are not as popular as It Being Predicted

  Wearable devices concerning smartphones like Apple Watch was considered to be the next explosion point not long ago, but actually, only one company released a proper wearable device in MWC(mobile world conference) this year. Due to the reason of price and target customers, sports smart watches for male users are the most welcomed ones, and LG’s Watch Style is the only series for females, but is in lack of NFS and GPS which Apple Watch has. Lacking of attractive and unisex smart watches, it is a problem to be solved.

Television Display Technology Applied to Smartphones

  More and more people start watching videos on their smartphones, and up to now, video is now taking up more than half mobile phone data traffic, and it is estimated that the percentage will be nearly 80% by 2021. This trend pushes more and more manufacturers to provide better visual experience, and more than just AMOLED or high definition screens, the display technology used in the latest TV sets is now being applied to smartphones, which further enhances the quality of the mobile phone display.

  Up to now, LG has made the greatest progress by using Dolby Vision and HDR 10 display technology, LG G6 has left great impression on users with its 5.7 inch 2K screen which has excellent viewing effect. Sony Xepria XZ Premium is also installed with HDR technology, and it could be noticed having better performance comparing to Z5 Premium by playing the same 4K movie.

  Both LG and Sony manufacture TV screens by their own, which enables them an earlier convenience to apply such new tech to smartphones, and other manufacturers like Samsung will be dedicated to keeping up with these two leading manufacturers by providing similar smartphones using screens from Samsung and Sharp, etc..

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