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Waterproof Function Is Becoming a Standard for Smartphones


People Tend to Like Waterproof Smartphones

  As is known to all, borderless smartphones and those installed with AI will be popular in the following months or years, but what are other trends for smart devices besides these two main features? DigitalTrends made a conclusion about trends of smartphones.

  The first to know is that waterproof function soon becomes a standard for mobile phones. People has been wishing for applying waterproof function to all devices since Sony Xperia Z series launched, and with the release of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, waterproof is emphasized as a basic requirement in users mind.

  LG G6 and Sony XZ Premium all meets IP68 certification level which means these smartphones could be used about 30 minute under water at a depth of 1.5 meters, meanwhile, Huawei P10 is IPX2 certificated, and thus it could be used in rain or dripping.

  At present, 95% smartphones costing over $600 are waterproof to some extent, and even some cheap price devices, like MOTO G5 Plus paid more attention to waterproof function too.

Water immersion is still the second top reason why mobile phones break down, and according to a data by surveying company IDC, there are 900,000 smartphones break down due to the reason of water immersion causing a total amount of loss at 9.67 billion dollars, and most of this loss would be covered by average users. YouGov recently claimed that waterproof function has become the third mostly expected function, and now manufacturers are following this trend.

  For most smartphones over the market, waterproof is not available, so that users would find their own ways to keep their phones from water, and here Im going to introduce a good site to buy phone cases including waterproof series, and you should note that the site is mainly for wholesalers and distributors though requiring no high MOQ.

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