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4 Screen Protector Traps You May Run into


Supplier Are Over Publicizing Screen Protector

  Screen protector prices vary, so that the whole market is in a mess. Some wholesalers and suppliers may over publicize their products, and thus many customers would run into some traps.

4 Traps about Screen Protector

  The first trap is high light transmittance. Many suppliers claim that their protectors have 99% or 100% light transmittance. However, that’s impossible because the highest screen protector light transmittance is 97%, and those protectors will be very expensive. PET material protectors could be at 90% and some HD protectors could be at 95%. No matter how expensive your protectors are, they will have bad influence on screen display. So do not trust those 100% transmittance ones, especially when they are cheap.

  The second trap is radiation-proof. Actually, there’s no evidence and cases proving that smartphone radiation has bad influence on human body. What’s more, it is antenna that gives radiation, and installing a protector doesn’t have anything to do with radiation at all.

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  The third trap is reuse. Some suppliers claim that their protectors can be used repeatedly after cleaning, and that’s basically true. If you do not have much requirement on protectors, you may reuse them after cleaning. However, only those electrostatic and silicone adsorbing ones could be reused after cleaning. And actually, even those two protectors can’t fit well after cleaning.

  Theoretically, a second installation is available after cleaning, but we can’t avoid dust and fingerprint on protectors. What’s worse, protectors’ adhesive ability will decrease, so that it is impossible to reuse these screen protectors.

  The last trap is completely resistance to fingerprint. Limited by technology, a 100% fingerprint resistance protector is not possible. Our glass screen protectors, after coating fingerprint oil and electroplating processes, are still not able to be 100% fingerprint resistance.

How Does A Screen Protector Protect

  Actually, most screens now can resist daily scratch, but still they are not strong enough to fight against sand. Installing a glass screen protector, though as strong as screen, would protect your screen from sand. What’s better, when you drop your phone accidentally, the protector will be damaged instead of screen. After all, a screen is much more expensive than a glass protector.

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  Choose screen protectors carefully following my instructions, and contact us freely for wholesale or to customize your protectors.