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Applying Double Rear Cameras Is Vital to Smartphones


Double Rear Camera Is Becoming A Required Configuration for Smartphones

  Double rear cameras, began from HTC smartphones, is now becoming more and more popular, and has became a required configuration to some customers. Unlike frontal finger recognition or metal back covers, dual camera gives users nice photos, so that this would be more important.

  Fingerprint recognition could be placed on the back and metal smartphones’ bodies could be replaced by glass or ceramic ones, but there’s nothing alternative for double cameras.

  Not only for those hot Android phone series like Huawei P9, P10 and Honor V8, but also iPhone 7 plus is installed with two rear cameras, so that more and more manufacturers will take this design into consideration, and even Gionee is considering putting two cameras in the frontal side of its smartphones, which would be a threat to other manufacturers.

  From the functional point of view, the dual camera hardware could measure the distance of target, so that the object and the background can be separated, and even the background could be blurred to enable users to adjust the depth of focus, of course, users can select any of the point in the photo as the focus.

  Double rear camera is two installed two cameras on the back of phone, but these two cameras would be different, one is telephoto lens and the other is wide angle lens.

  Actually, when two cameras are working, images being shot would be better. Limited by size and hardware, smartphones could hardly achieve the effect of professional cameras, so one camera is mainly responsible for outline and the other is responsible for color as well as light, so as to achieve where those general smartphones cannot.

  Metal back cover, frontal fingerprint recognition and double camera have formed main stream of mobile phone market, and among them, double camera is the most worth trying.