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Trends of Smartphones Market of 2017


Smartphones Market Will Have A Great Development in the Near Future

  Fingerprint recognition from 2015, double camera and curved screen from 2016, there are always new technics and designs to change people’s attitude toward smartphones. People would have more expectations to their daily used devices, and I’m going to introduce some new popular trends for smartphones.

  According to a conclusion of recently published phones, there will be more curved screens, and glass or ceramic bodies would become more usual. Last year, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stunned most people with its curved screen, and Xiaomi Mix, due to its full screen and ceramic body, enables more possibilities to be expected for users.

  AMOLED screens will grow fast, and there will be more curved screen smartphones for users to pick up. During the past year, AMOLED screens are limited by Samsung due to its productivity, while AMOLED screens will be more widely used since there are more manufacturers now.

  Besides screen, smartphone bodies would be likely to change, glass and ceramic will take up some certain percentage which is now being taken by metal material and with the popularization of glass smartphones, and wireless charging would be more likely to be applied to those glass body products.

  From photographic point of view, high pixel cameras and double camera design would share the market. The 2PD full pixel focus which is used on Galaxy S7 Edge enables it a better performance that iPhone does.

  10nm chips like Helio X30 and Gualcomm Snapdragon 835 are becoming more and more widely used, which would bring smartphones much stronger performance with lower energy consumption. It is said that Huawei’s Kirin 970 chips will keep up with other 2 processors.

  What’s more, quick charge will meet some changes, high voltage programs will be replaced by high current charging method.

  Smartphone market is undergoing great changes and there’re endless possibilities for the development of smart devices. If you want to know more about new trend of smartphones in 2017, please wait for my next update.

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