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Metal Back Cover is a Trend for Smartphones Market


Metal Back Covers for Smartphones

  Just like fingerprint recognition, metal back covers were mainly made for those high-end or flagship smartphones, and up to now, metal phone back covers are being used on smartphones of different prices.

  The main reason why metal phone back covers are popular is that people have strong feelings towards metallic feels, metal material smartphones look more gorgeous and luxurious that those made of plastic or some other materials, so that people are much more in favor of them.

  Metal back covers have their own features and advantages. Metal materials are all of great hardness and ductility which ensure they could be processed easily with different industry technics, and meanwhile, metal back covers for smartphones could be produced massively at a more reasonable price thus making it popular over manufacturers.

  Compared to other materials, metals have high strength so that they would be more durable and preservative, and in addition, metal phone back covers are anti-scratch and timeproof, so that smartphones would just be like newly bought even if being used for a long time.

  What’s more, metal phone back covers ensure high efficient heat dissipation, which is good for mobile devices because they do not have fan inside to cool off themselves.

  Stainless steel and aluminum alloy are main material for manufacturing phone back covers, and aluminum alloy, due to its light weight, ductile and preservative features, is the most popular material used on smartphones. Recently, ceramic body becomes a new standard for flagship devices, but the price is too high.

  Of course, metal material does not do anything good, metal back covers’ prices are a bit high, and they are usually made into integrated design, so that batteries could not be disassembled, what’s worse, metal phone back covers of smartphones would be easy to have dent, thus having negative effect on the appearance of phones.

  Recently launched phones with no metal back cover are rare, as people are becoming more and more obsessed with metallic feels, so that manufactures would have no choice.