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Bad Quality Chargers Threats - Problems of Bad Chargers


Some Phone Chargers Have Quality Problems

  Problems have been happening to batteries like Samsung Note 7 and iPhone 8, and it is the same to chargers. With the develoment of smartphones and their accessories, people are enjoying great convenience. However, since the market is in lack of supervision, users are facing potential dangers.

Why Bad Quality Chargers Are Dangerous

  Produced by unqualified manufacturers with nonstandard components and immature tech, those products are of bad quality. What’s worse, these manufacturers can’t guarantee design, quality and assembling of their circuit elements. After producing unqualified products, these suppliers brand their products into famous or original ones to earn more profit.

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  Unqualified smartphone charger usually contains bad quality components and has no charging protection like voltage regulator. Sometimes, these products can even cause dangers and threats to human as they could result in short circuit and even burning.

  If you do not have an original charger, then stay away while charging and don’t charge for a long time.

Some Mobile Chargers Have Problems Too

  Power bank, as a mobile charger, enables great convenience and is undergoing great development. But just like the production of normal charger, some manufacturers cheat on materials. Besides enabling slow charging, those bad quality power banks will threat safety of users.

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  The basic component of power banks is battery unit, so that some manufacturers use recycled battery units. Those recycled units can’t manage long lifespan and would have negative effect on charging process. What’s the worst and most important, recycled units make power banks unstable and easy to short-circuit thus causing burning and explosion.

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