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How to Clean Silicone and Metal Smartphone Cases?


How to Clean Smartphone Cases?

  People are now becoming more and more addicted to smartphones since they are providing users with plenty of information and fun, so that cases would easily become dirty when being frequently used, so here comes the question, how to clean your silicone or metal smartphone cases?

Tips on How to Clean Silicone Smartphone Cases

  Silicone smartphone cases could easily get dirty due to the features of silicone material, and the dirt would be likely to be stubborn, so we need to follow these steps below:

1, To erase the case: use half-dried cloth to wipe the case in all aspects, no wet cloth allowed;

2, To clean with detergent: use brushes and detergent or tooth paste mixed with water, then brush those dirty areas repeatedly and softly;

3, To clean stubborn stains: if your silicone smartphone case has stubborn dirt like glue, then add some alcohol to the dirt, and then brush gently with small brushes;

  After all these steps, do remember to erase the case with dry cloth, and then air-dry it before putting onto your smartphone.

Tips on How to Clean Metal Smartphone Cases

  Metal smartphone cases are easy to be cleaned since most of them are hard and smooth, and here are some tips:

1, To erase with wet cloth: use wet cloth to wipe out dust and then check those dirty places;

2, To clean with brush: there could be difficult corners where lies dust, then we need to brush these corners with detergent, and watch out to brush softly since metal cases are easy to clean;

3, To clean with alcohol: when there’s high viscosity dirt on the metal smartphone case, pre-treat with some alcohol or cleanser, and generally, due to the reason of safety, I would recommend to use cleanser instead of alcohol.

4, To treat with rust: if there are rusty area on your case, then please consider whether to continue using the case or just buy another one, and if you cannot put it aside, then use some low concentration acidic solvents for rusty areas, and erase after 2-3 minute.

  Still, do not forget to clean water stains and liquid after cleaning.

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