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How to Pick Up Good Quality Smartphone Case?


Whether to Use a Smartphone Case or Not?

  Smartphone case is really a hot topic since manufacturers keep releasing new smartphones, and so that people, especially those young ladies, like to buy different kinds of cases and change them often in daily life.

  Actually, many smartphones are durable enough so as not to use cases, and most cases can not deal with heat dissipation which is harmful to smartphones, and even some bad quality ones could cause some health problems, though cases provide considerate protection.

When you decide to case your phone, then you’d better know how to judge a case and do not take those cheap ones of bad quality.

Which Kind of Material is Better for Making Smartphone Cases?

  There are so many different materials for manufacturing smartphone cases like PC, TPU, PP, silicone, leather and metal, etc, and usually plastic ones are made into various kinds of designs. Of course, prices of them vary, ranging from $1 to $50 or even more.

  Smartphone cases could have the possibility to contain formaldehyde and benzene, but mostly, benzene is not something to worry about. The most formaldehyde containing material is leather, followed by silicone and then plastic material.

How On Earth Should We Pick Up a Good Smartphone Case?

  The number one rule to remember is not to buy those cheap ones, what I mean is not blaming all cheap products, but the cheaper, the worse should have became a common sense. And then it is those smooth, elaborate and smelless cases that are of good quality, especially smartphone cases made by those famous brands, which would be no harmful to human health.

  Do not pick up those over bright color cases because those cases would likely to contain great amounts of heavy metal, which is harmful to kidney and liver. And also, do not choose those having pungent odor, what’s more, avoid using those feel too soft, too hard or even fade, because all these features mean that the case would residual benzene organic solvents.