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How to Protect Fragile iPhone?


Apple Knows How to Protect iPhone

  If you drop your iPhone accidentally, those fragile components like screen are the most worrisome. But actually, drops and scratches are unavoidable in daily life, then how to minimize those potential damage and threats?

  Recently, USPTO announced a new patent (code: 9,749,000) belongs to Apple. The patent is about how to make Apple’s devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even Macbook resistance to external shock. When you drop your Apple devices, this patent will help to minimize the damage to these devices.

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Apple’s Solution to Protect iPhone and Others

  In the patent, Apple says that electronic products are meeting different threats caused by different reasons. Environments like extreme temperature and humidity together with physical threats like drop, impact and squeeze could all do great harm to electronic products. To protect those exposed fragile parts that could be damaged easily, Apple makes a new solution to minimize the damage risk.

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  Apple’s solution is to equip their devices with cases embedded with sensors. These sensors include some for determining impact geometry and others for perceiving motion states. In addition, there’s impact countermeasures system in the case.

  When there’s an accidental drop, the case firstly knows it, and then it measures the possible shape of damage from pressure, after detecting the potential damage, it fights back to those shock parts to offset the impact force.

  Apple says that there are still some tech barriers to realize the patent especially on the impact countermeasures system.

There Are Already Protections to iPhone

  However, there are already mature protections to Apple’s devices developed by different phone case manufacturers. Many cases made of different materials are flooding markets, and people now have so many choices. What’s more, phone cases nowadays are far more than just protective.

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