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What is the Best Material for Smartphone?


There Are Many Materials for Smartphone

  As the most widely used electronic product, Smartphone has been the most requisite tool in daily life. It’s a short history for the development of cell phones, and it was not until these years are smartphones becoming popular.

  However, materials for producing phones have changed greatly from PC to metal and glass now. Nowadays, PC, metal, glass, ceramic, wood and even leather are materials for producing smartphones, but which of them is the best?

Features of Materials for Smartphone


  PC was the first material to make cell phones due to it’s easy to be processed. What’s more, the price of PC material is low, so that it had been the most popular material.

However, PC is no longer popular compared to metal and glass, because it is hard to make PC exquisite.

Nokia Lumia 1020 - pc body smartphone - windows smartphone - 1


  Metal is the most widely used material from flagship devices to those at about $150. The main material of metal is aluminum which is light weight and easily to be processed.

  Of course, flagship devices are greatly different from those $150 ones. Now, stainless steel is used as frame, which would make smartphones more durable.

iphone 7 rose gold - metal body smartphone - ios smartphone - 1


  Glass is often used for windows, and it was the first iPhone used glass on its body. Glass material is superior to metal because it would not block signals. What’s more, glass body could support wireless charging, and that’s what metal can’t.

xiaomi mi6 - glass body smartphone - android smartphone - 1

  Besides all material listed above, there are still some like ceramic, wood and leather could be used for producing smartphones. However, these materials are not widely used due to their high costs and high production difficulty.

smartisan m1l leather - leather body smartphone - android smartphone - 1

  Among these rarely seen materials, ceramic is supposed to be the best one. Xiaomi Mix uses ceramic as it body, and since it’s harder than glass and more resistant to scratch, it’s better than all materials above.

xiaomi mix - ceramic body smartphone - full screen smartphone - 1

Supplementation to Smartphone

  Since all materials have their own features, we are supplying different kinds of phone cases as make-up to smartphones. You can look into our site for what you like, and contact us freely for what you like.