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Huawei Is Teasing Samsung


Huawei Wants to Challenge Samsung

  Samsung Note 8 released in 23rd August, 2017 drew most people’s attention with its appearance and configuration, but as another top manufacturer, Huawei would not let Note 8 grab the limelight alone. By the time Note 8 was released, three posters were released to publicize Huawei Mate 10.

How Huawei Teases Samsung

  Note 8 is claimed to be equipped with dual camera, and it will be the very first double camera device of Samsung. Huawei congrats this improvement with a poster that lists P9/P9 Plus, Mate 9/Mate 9 Plus and P10/P10 Plus on it, and these are all equipped with dual camera. The poster says “welcome to the dual camera family”, and it’s definitely a taunt by overpraise.

  In addition, the last device on the post implies Mate10, and it says”#beyondthegalaxy”, which is obviously a tease to Samsung.

huawei - huawei poster - huawei mate 10 - 1

  Another poster says BIGGER is Good, which is estimated to imply that Mate 10 would be equipped with edge-to-edge screens that enables better views and display.

huawei - huawei poster - huawei mate 10 - 2

  The last poster says SMARTER is Better which reveals that Mate 10 is to be equipped with a smarter CPU – Kirin 970 which is AI related.

huawei - huawei poster - huawei mate 10 - 3

  When all these three parts come together, Mate 10 would be really beyond the galaxy, and of course, at a better price.

  By releasing these three posters, Huawei is likely to challenge Samsung, and let’s wait and see how will the coming Mate 10 will fight against Note 8.
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