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Is It Necessary to Install a Glass Screen Protector?


Hardness of Glass Screen Protector

  Glass screen protector manufacturers usually claims their protectors to be of hardness of 9H.  Actually, this 9H doesn’t mean hardness close to diamond, and then what on earth does it mean?

  H stands for the hardness of pencil other than Mohs hardness, and it is actually useless to measure the thickness of a screen protector by comparing it with the hardness of pencil.

  In Mohs hardness, a glass protector should be at a hardness of 5-6, which means it could resist metal materials.

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Whether to Install a Glass Screen Protector

  Now that glass protectors are not as hard as we think, is it necessary to install one? The answer is yes!

  Of course, you can give up glass protectors as you want, but there’s something you should know about them.

  The greatest benefit of installing a glass screen protector is that it protects your screen from sand. Even a Corning Gorilla screen is at a hardness of 6, but sand is 6-7 in Mohs Hardness, so that screens could easily be scratched. Though glass protectors are not stronger than sand, they still give considerate protection.

  When you need to buy a glass protector, take light transmittance, touch feeling, thickness and sensitive touch into consideration. In most situations, these factors matter more than resistance to scratch.

  Compared to traditional plastic screen protectors, glass ones could resist even knife. After processes like coating and electroplating, glass protectors are dirt resistance. What’s more, they enable nice touch feelings and smooth moves.

  With the development of tech, glass protectors are now having a slimmer thickness, and a 0.2mm protector still offer well protection. In addition, some protectors now could resist blue ray so as to protect eyes.

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  Another benefit of glass protectors is that they could protect screens from damage. When you accidentally drop your phone, there would be less possibility to break your screens if you install a glass protector. Considering this, glass screen protectors are really worth installing, a screen is much more expensive than a protector after all.

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