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Mobile Phone Cases Manufacturing Technologies


Various Mobile Phone Cases Requires Different Processing Technologies

  There are more and more technologies manufacturing various kinds of mobile phone cases for people in different regions and have different tastes, and technologies nowadays are 3D heat transfer printing, direct printing, water transfer printing and IMD.

Manufacturing Technologies for Different Mobile Phone Cases

  3D heat transfer printing, which was mostly applied to cups and T-shirts, is to print artworks on heat transfer papers, and then transfer these artworks to mobile phone cases by using heat transfer machines.

  This tech could only be used on flat surfaces, and with the development of industry, 3D heat transfer print become available, and thus phone cases could have their edge printed with a single printing step.

  3D transfer printing offers mobile phone cases nice touch feelings, but it could only support limited smartphone models, and because of being processed with high temperature, artwork images would be unclear, these images will be like to fall and fade after several months.

  Direct printing machines are evolved from printers for paper, and it supports all mobile phone cases easily. However, it has some shortcomings like less clear artwork images that are easy to fade, and what’s worse, this kind of cases would have bad smell.

  Water transfer printing is to print images on water transfer films, and then place these films into water with cases, so that images will be stuck on mobile phone cases firmly, after drying and oil spray processes, water transfer printing phone cases will be nice and durable.

  Though the case is nice and pretty, water transfer printing is too complicated to operate for normal phone case shops.

  In module decoration, known as IMD, is to place artwork images inside the mobile phone case, which means pressing two pieces of material into one with image in the middle. IMD phone cases are more beautiful and durable than normal ones, what’s more, with unfadable and dirt resistant artwork, phone cases are prettier and clean.

  IMD requires a whole series of processes and professional machines, so that if you are not a phone case manufacturer like Victor, IMD is not recommended.

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