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Physic Buttons of Smartphones Will BE Wiped Out Gradually


Smartphones Manufacturers Are Now Killing Home Buttons

Smartphones have been killing physical button after the touch screen era, and Nokia N9 was the very first model which has no any button on the front side, and what’s more, many manufacturers are planning for complete elimination of physic buttons. In 2016, there were many no button flagship devices from Google, Sony and LG, etc, and up now, Samsung S8 has already wiped out its frontal buttons.

  Apple iPhone made a great contribution to the widespread of touch screen smartphones, and after iPhone wiped out traditional buttons on its front, it still has some others like power, sound and home buttons.

iPhone’s home button was proved to be the most popular, and now Android smartphones are applying more and more functions to the button like fingerprint recognition and applications management, etc.

Is there any solution to replace the home button on all smartphones since it has more and more function? The answer is yes! And the mostly used way is to install softkey on screens like iPhone did, and still there’s capacitive button as an option, which is abandoned by manufacturers due to the reason of high cost and non-durability. In addition, due to full screen smartphones are getting more and more popular, home buttons are removed to give more space for screens and batteries.

In conclusion, home button elimination offers smartphones a better cost, a higher screen ratio and an interior space utilizing.

No physic button is definitely a trend, and manufacturers are now pursuing fiction movie phones which have as large as possible screens on a limited body or just a simple glass screen, and by then, physic buttons will definitely disappear, and supported by functional softkeys, physic buttons will have no reason to exist anymore.

Though borderless smartphones were not proved to provide revolutionary user experience, customers and manufacturers still have faith and expectation to it, and softkey will be more popular than it is now.