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Smartphone Body Material Features


Different Materials Are Used Producing Smartphone

Metal, PC, glass and ceramic are what manufacturers use producing smartphone. Among them, metal and glass are popular, and ceramic, due to tech limit, still has a long way to go. In addition, there are even some special materials like bamboo and wood.

We can now easily tell prices of phones due to their design and material, and let’s talk about their features one by one.

Material Features of Smartphone

  1, metal. Aluminum alloy is the most widely used material manufacturing phones, and we use it because it’s light weight and flexible. What’s more, it supports well heat radiation and nice touch feelings. And in addition, it’s more easily to be processed, thus saving costs.

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  However, every coin has two sides, metal material causes signal and paint peel off problems. Anyway, it is now the most popular material producing phones.

  2, glass. Glass material is becoming hot since it’s glittering and translucent carving, and it also gives nice hand feelings. What’s better, it supports more colors so that glass body phones are more shinny and beautiful. Glass materials blocks no signal so that it could support wireless charging just like iPhone 8. What’s more, glass resists scratch better since it’s harder that metal, of course, ceramic has even better performance.

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  However, just like metal material, glass and ceramic have their own shortcomings. They are heavy and are poor in heat radiation, what’s worse, it can’t resist fingerprint. In addition, these two materials are fragile so as to cause higher maintenance costs.

  3, PC. PC material seems to have no obvious shortcomings except it gives a feeling of cheap. It is flexible,light weighted and ductile, what’s more it also block no signal. However, drop and scratch could easily do harms to PC bodies.

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How to Protect Smartphone?

  Actually, each kind of phone has some shortcomings, then shouldn’t phone cases be nice options? As a phone case manufacturer since 2004, we are a supplier and partner you can trust. Contact for wholesale or customize service freely.