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Top 10 Accessories for Phone that Are Strange


Some Accessories for Phone Are Strange

  Since phones are inseparable from human, accessories for phone are really necessary. Accessories like phone cases and glass screen protectors are really useful and popular. However, there are some accessories that are really strange and not useful, let’s talk about them one by one.

10 Strange Accessories for Phone

External Keyboard

  Some of us may miss physic keyboards as they give real press feedback which visual ones don’t. BlackBerry KeyOne is a nice smartphone with keyboard. Actually, I’m not saying physic keyboards are useless, but it’s not convenient to take them around. When you need you take a physic keyboard out, it would take a lot of space. What’s more, some voice input methods are really help, so keyboards for phone are not necessary.

Strange Phone Cases

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  People like to case their phones for protection, and that’s normal. However, some really strange and weird phone cases are for sale. Skull, food, poop and monsters are all inspirations to phone cases. As long as you want, you will always find strange cases.

Phone Case Coffee Maker

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  Kickstarter has a Mokase phone case which can boil 25ml espresso to 50-60℃. Of course, there must be a bag of espresso inside the case first. Now this model is available for some Samsung, iPhone and Huawei phones, costing $54 each.

False Finger

  Since screens are becoming bigger and bigger, it’s not easy to enable single hand operation. In order to deal with this problem, Japanese develop false fingers to enable users touch full screen with thumbs.

Bowl with Phone Stand

  Want to play your phone while eating? No free hands? The bowl with phone stand is here to help! Operating on your phone while eating, what a pleasure! However, watch our if you are having noodles since hot soup is a threat to screen.

Cap with Phone Stand

  This cap could enable wearing your phone on head, but you’d better not because it’s dangerous.


  This is a great option for those apart lovers since it enables really kiss feelings. Place your phone on this Kissenger, then start video chat, it will transmit your kisses.

Alcohol Detector

  Drunk driving is really dangerous so that an alcohol detector for iPhone is developed to test alcohol concentration. However, this ain’t work because people already know the danger of drunk driving, and the detector is useless.

Stun Gun Phone Case

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  By placing a stun gun on the back of phone case, safety if ensured. Well, we’d better make sure the stun gun would not hurt ourselves.

Screen Wipe Robot

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  If your screen has no fingerprint oil or screen protectors with fingerprint oil, then the robot is necessary. However, you will have to take its size and simple function as granted, otherwise, you will not use it for long.

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